Relaxing Guitar Music on a Desert Island Meditation


All people enjoy Relaxing music including me. But, would you enjoy it on a Desert Island? Would you be able to meditate while being stranded all alone somewhere far away from city rush? Let me tell you: you could. I am sure of it because I felt it on my own skin.

Relaxing guitar music

Relaxing Guitar Music is something you have probably encountered previously while searching for relaxing sleep music. All of our senses are very important, and therefore the audio portion is very powerful too.

relaxing guitar music

Music has a significant impact on relaxation and in my case, it helps me to experience it more powerfully. When I started to meditate, I found it very convenient to listen to relaxing sounds (such as sounds of a classical guitar).

Why did I pick a guitar, you may ask? Besides the fact that it is a great musical instrument, I became attracted to its sound because it helped me get relaxed easier and more efficiently. It seems like the thought of fingers running over strings of a guitar made me feel peacefull very fast.

I was even happier when I found out that guitar music works excellently as yoga music too! Yoga and meditation are great for relaxation.

You may not realize this, but guitar sounds are a great remedy and they really benefit your soul and your inner self. And it is really great that you don’t feel it’s impact as something heavy or forced: the feeling comes incredibly naturally.

Meditation music for positive energy

How come we are talking about energy now? If you are familiar with meditation, you know that it has to do with energy in your body (related to chakra’s) and therefore you know that your emotions are controlled by the energy you possess.

If you are a happy owner of positive energy only, your emotions are going to be cheerful. If you are letting stress and anger fuel your energy, you will not be helped by meditation.

First, you need to let meditation into your life and you need to let meditation music relax mind body, you need to let it leave an impact on you.

Positive energy is the way all meditations work…  It all comes down to the fact that you are letting positive/negative energy lead your life. Become aware of the way you are living and meditation will help you improve it. My life became much more peacefull since I started meditating.

The most significant reason why I like relaxing music lies in the fact that it is universal: it can be relaxing music for studying, music for sleep and relaxation or regular soothing music only.  You need to realize that this type of music helps your meditation, but it can help you with many other things too.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to develop your mindfulness through meditating and then use all of your mental power to be a better person in other things: studying, yoga, friends, life. Music is always here to help too. 🙂

It can help even in desert island survival, believe it or not.

How to survive on a desert island

desert island

How to survive on a deserted island, you may ask? Meditation. This may sound a bit ridiculous to some of you and, I admit it, we don’t live on a Desert Island and only the sky’s our limit (and our imagination, if you wish), but everyone sometimes gets stuck in a situation that may make it seem like they are on a Desert island.

Imagination is a mighty thing and you shall learn how to use it through meditation. There is a fine line between healthy and harmful uses of imagination, and you will get to know both of these once you start.

Don’t be afraid; I had similar problems.

Remember putting soothing music on (I used to google „youtube relaxing” or „sleep meditation music“), and I would soon start to feel as if I was floating somewhere in the universe. I thought about things I wanted to have and soon, those that I can’t.

This eventually made me sad, and I want to let you know how you can avoid this.

Imagination is a process that lets out energy. The universe is waiting for you to put out certain energy and then the universe gives you a similar one back.

Let’s say you try a Desert Island Meditation. You are thinking about the beautiful scenery you are seeing in your head, thinking about the warmth, the sun, and the sea. But then, you remember that this is a very lonely island.

At this moment, you need to learn how to use your mind to turn everything into a logical way to improve yourself. If you create a Desert Island in your mind, you can revisit it every day. You can teach yourself how to communicate with yourself, function on your own and how to appreciate the time.

Check out our YouTube videos on this subject above. We intend to keep uploading those! I hope you will find your peace on your unique place, unique island. 🙂



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