What is Meditation Music and how to meditate properly?

Nowadays people get caught up in the rush of the world pretty quickly. We forget about small things that make our lives beautiful because we are occupied with our chores and jobs. However, there is a place where gratefulness still exists, and we should not forget to visit it every once in a while: our minds. If you think about it, your mind is the one place that you can never exit and the one place you most often visit. That brings us to an important question we must ask ourselves frequently: is my mind a clear, tidy, bright space?

Some people imagine their dream vacation to be on a perfect beach, some prefer a clear night sky and those (who don’t have the time to travel) prefer a pure, colorful mind full of music.

We offer spiritual healing music for a few different (but equally relaxing) types of meditation:
Background Music (gentle meditation melodies that won’t distract you),
Nature Sounds (because we are a big part of the nature, the nature is also a big part of us),
Avant-garde Meditation (which will bring you new experiences).

How to meditate properly?

meditation and how to do it

How to meditate properly? What is Meditation itself actually? It is a form of relaxation, a practice commonly used amongst busy individuals that want to train their mind to be conscious, present,  in the moment. It is very important to meditate properly, even in your mind at all.

There are quite a lot of uses for meditation. There is a meditation for sleep, for healing, mindfulness meditation… It is up to you to choose which one you prefer and which one fits your intentions the best.

One thing all of them have in common is that they feature Music for meditate. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t have to use it, but many people (including professionals) say that the best way to stay focused is to play relaxing videos or relaxing sounds.

Meditation Music

You may be intrigued by what we have just said. Won’t music be distracting? Why should I use music while meditating?

If you research a bit on ‘how to do meditation for beginners‘ or ‘how to do meditation at home‘, you will find out that most people prefer it. Calming music not only calms our body, but also eases our mind too.

energy centers called chakras

There are special energy centers in our bodies called Chakras. They are a connection between the physical and the mental state of our well-being and they are believed to be a part of the soul and the mind. Therefore, if you are trying out a Zen meditation (which originates from Buddhism schools who also believe in the power of Chakras), you will be receiving and giving out certain energy to the world.

This energy can be changed with Meditation music of any kind: doesn’t matter if it’s Background Music, Nature Sounds or perhaps specific Meditation Music Sounds. They all work very well for reaching the sublime state of consciousness.

Want to find out what your favorite meditation melody is? Don’t google ‘meditation for beginners youtube’, we have everything you need.
As mentioned before, we have a few categories of meditation to present you, and it is up to you to choose which one is your personal favorite.

Introduction to Meditation

For those who are here to learn more about Meditation and Meditation Music Sounds, we suggest you start off on the link above.

The relaxing visuals will help you to get more relaxed if you feel better while having your eyes open. It is all up to you and your Meditation Music Sounds.
Background Music
 A lot of people have a hard time focusing on their minds since it is a hard thing to do when there is a lot of distress around you. For this purpose, we have created a collection of calming  Background Music which will make you feel safe and nurtured. You can browse through the selection above.

Our personal favorite is the Shallow Sea Sounds meditation that features slow and relaxing piano tunes. These will help you get overflown with a sense of relaxation and all of your worries will be washed away.
Another compelling meditation on the beach is the Crystal ball meditation that helps you enjoy the beautiful sea along with brilliant sounds that will send tingles through your body to release stress and discomfort.

Nature Sounds

nature meditation

We all come from nature which is a big part of us, and therefore we should not forget to be a big part of it too. Don’t forget about those relaxing sounds that make you sense the maternal love of mother nature.

We have all spent some time in adventures by the sea, a waterfall, in a forest…  But, not everyone has the chance to go out and have a beautiful meditation session in the woods every day.

Therefore, we are bringing the all-loving nature back to you.

One of the most popular meditations we offer is the Niagara Falls Nature Sounds meditation. You will soon be mesmerized by the relaxing visuals of water flowing. It is a hypnotized state where you become conscious of the very moment and you start to embrace your gratitude.

If you would like to choose a different one yourself, you can browse through them right here at nature sounds.

Avant-garde Meditation

Last, but certainly not the least, we offer you Avant-garde Meditations which you can find there.
As the French word says itself, this meditation will bring you an entirely new sense of finding your true self. You will never get into a dull routine since these meditations offer you an adventure every day.

It may be a bit different than what you have encountered with, but it will completely take over your mind and make it feel like a unique healing.

The Mindfulness Meditation Chair Flying Mind Exercise is a combination of relaxing music and hypnotizing visuals that will soon become your secret place to hide from everyday problems.

Have you yet chosen your favorite type of meditation? Have you now realized that everyone needs the most important part of meditation: healing music?

All that and more by easy going Youtube videos offering on our website. Anyway, you are very welcome. 🙂

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