Reiki Healing Music | Meditation Stones (Sea Waves Sound)


Zen Stones Meditation

Reiki music for physical but also emotional healing. Besides, there is simultaneous relaxation with meditation stones and sea waves sound, all natural sounds. 1 hour of a meditative healing peaceful audio and video track ideal for Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy healing for deep relaxation that activates the body’s own and natural healing process. Meditation stones, also known as Zen stones is also an important part of this story; meditation (healing) stones in all sizes with or without crystals have been used to release spiritual, mental or physical blocks. Also mentioned are a Zen garden and a stone of good luck. Therefore, and not only because of that; You are very welcome to our meditation with stones, all by the sea in the natural environment and with the original sea waves sound. 🙂

We continue with 1 hour meditation videos, today we open a new chapter, Zen meditation stone videos. Very welcome, and… relax and meditate.



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