432 Hz Frequency Deeply Relaxing Music, Meditation Temple 1 hour video


432 Hz is a Healing Frequency

Find here 1 hour of deeply relaxing music with healing frequency vibrations of 432 Hz music which is absolutely ideal for raise the positive energy so get and feel healthy and happy. Also the best sleep music.

What is the 432 Hz frequency? It’s a healing frequency, treatment, miracle tone, positive vibration, all this is 432 Hz and even more. 432 is a wonderful number everyone is talking about. It is considered to be the natural frequency of the universe that has healing power and is very appealing to every listener.

Some claim that it is a frequency that resonates with a human heart chakra, rebuilds our DNA and improves our spiritual and mental health. There are also some claims that music tuned to 432 Hz stimulates the brain’s right side, the one responsible for some of the most desirable human traits: the development of imagination, the use of feelings, the interpretation of symbols, the concept of abstract concepts.

Also, it’s believed that a person by listening to music at that frequency will find it easier to enter the state of meditation and relaxation because it is a sound that is more harmonious and enjoyable for listening. Also, music tuned to 432 Hz does not have to be listened to as loud as that at 440 Hz which is more comfortable with the ear, while such a tone is more transparent, more pronounced and provides a clearer music picture. To mention, this music theme has the name: “Dreaming in 432Hz“.

We hope you’ll find at least part of this in our Youtube relaxation movie above, moreover, we want you to relax and achieve deep meditation.

Also, from now, from this video, we are starting with one-hour meditation videos, as usual, every Monday; reach the desired meditation point – here. 🙂

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