Om Meditation Music in Beautiful Little Bay – 1 Hour Video


Om meditation on desert island

Om Meditation Music in this 1 Hour Video on Youtube is what we offer, all that in a beautiful little bay with original nature sounds of the sea and waves sound in the background and the main music theme named “Ohm“. Please notice that it is not chanting, this is “only” Om music, but music with very positive energy, stress relief, relaxing, sleep and clearing subconscious negativity.

Please comment below here or on Youtube; how do you like our channel (or website), how can we improve it or what do you think is the desert island the right place to meditate? 🙂 Suggest a motif, subject you would like to see in our meditation video.

Thank you all for being here, and meditate with us. 🙂 Please, also choose here the Desert Island Meditation Playlist or Background Music Playlist, you’ll be redirect to Youtube.

God bless you all to reach meditation peace.:)



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