1 Hour Meditation; Zen Stones & Relaxing Nature Sounds of Waves (no music)


Zen Stones and only nature sounds

1 hour meditation near the sea with Zen stones and relaxing nature waves sounds with no music. 🙂 Through the whole video there are relaxing nature sounds of sea waves without any additional music in the background, but the sounds are beautiful for meditation. Why is that so, especially when the channel name is ‘Meditation Music‘? Simply, as we have written before, nature is the best artist ever, and her sounds are the most beautiful music (sounds) in the world. For that reason, relax, enjoy and achieve peace of mind with this sea waves sound effects at the same time with Zen stones and reach a total togetherness of body and mind.:)

Dear friends, thank you all for meditating with us, if you like it (or if you don’t), 🙂 be free to write a comment below or on our Meditation Youtube channel and also, choose the playlist of the similar content: 1 hour Meditation Music, Zen Stones or Nature Sounds Playlist Videos. 🙂

God bless you all to reach meditation peace. 🙂

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