Candles Relaxation and Meditation Music Piano


Candles meditation

Meditation candles relaxation in church. Half an hour, 30 minutes of easy meditation music, so you can relax and enjoy. There are a lot of benefits of burning candles, but first of it is a celebration and appreciation and the most important for us; it is meditation and relaxation. 🙂

Always is something mesmerizing about a flame, whether in your fireplace or on candles. Staring at a flame is a great way to calm your mind.
If you just want to feel more peaceful, enjoy the gentle glow and soft shadows created from candlelight in this case in the great church encirclement.
Many people find it easier to meditate when looking at a candle flame, so there is the practice of gazing at a candle flame.

In the video above, however, you can also use the candle flame to visualize specific ideas such as flame as a source of love or burning away your problems. 🙂



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