Healing Heart Chakra Buddhist Guided Meditation


Heart chakra guided meditation

An introduction to healing heart chakra guided meditation, with buddhist meditation music in the background.
In our short relaxing movie, our Buddhist friend and meditation master gives simple instructions for bringing awareness to the body and soul, also sense as heart chakra meditation, all by activation frequency of guided meditation healing.

Taken from an excellent, personal set of relationship between our longing and our pain. The buddhist tradition posits compassion as the best response, but it isn’t always clear how that works. No answers here – but a few leads and this thoughtful tale from life and from a longstanding practice of sitting meditation.

Last but not the least, correct, as you can see we are again on the desert island, in nature and by the sea, it is summer and crickets chirping. We have a special reward for all of you friends who recognize this island. 🙂
God bless you, stay healthy and corona free. 😇



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