Burning Fireplace with Piano Background Music and Crackling Fire Sounds


The key element of quality meditation includes both sounds of a musical instrument and the sound of a natural element following it. The calming sounds of piano intertwined with the crackling sounds of burning fire will enable you a full meditation and deep connection with nature through this meditation video.

Meditation Guided by the Burning Fire

The fire ambient gives meditation a whole new perspective: the beautiful flames glowing in the burning fireplace and the sounds of crackling logs with background music give to this video a new dimension of burning meditation.
Most of us associate some great memories with our childhood, isn’t that right? It was a time in our lives when we had no worries and our days would just rush by.
A lot of people say that, when they are meditating, they feel more like a child, unburdened and full of positive energy. Opened to the world and to things which may seem impossible but they are really easy to achieve.

meditation guided by the burning fire
One of the collective memories people have and enjoy it is the one where a nice fireplace, a bonfire or a campfire is burning, and the family has gathered around it. 🙂
While hearing the crackling fire sounds of logs burning in the center of the fireplace, hearing music and watching the beautiful flames, we are overwhelmed by a feeling of comfort. We feel safe and secure. We are aware of the Earth, and we feel like we are a part of something more significant.
It doesn’t matter do you connect the crackling fire with the smell of fresh cookies, if you can hear your father play the piano or you feel as if your grandma is near-by…
Throughout the whole fireplace HD video, you are encountering how the sound of music and the sound of crackling fire create divine harmony in this virtual fireplace.
And achieving this peace is at the grasp of your hand – there is only this moment, and you are emerging into it as you are finally breathing freely.
If you have forgotten how much peace you can gain with meditating with relaxing nature music, try to do this surrounded by this enchanting melody and enjoy the music of fire with crackling sounds.
If you are new to meditation, don’t worry, there is nothing you should be afraid of. There is no such thing as „wrong meditation,“ and each one of them is good as long as you feel like it is a positive energy meditation. All that matters is the fact that you need to let the good energy flow in.
However, something that is usually very useful to beginners, but also to experts, is background music for relaxation. It is a sort of a distraction from your own thoughts which is helpful for those who don’t know how to fully control them yet.

Piano Music for Relaxation

You have probably already heard about this before, but piano music has some exceptional healing properties. It provides these specific relaxing sounds that cannot be found in other instruments for other instruments don’t have such a nice flow.

piano music meditation
The notes of piano seem to pour into each other one at a time as liquids do. The background sounds of burning and crackling are in perfect harmony with relaxing piano music.
They overwhelm you, but not in a wrong way. They offer you calmness which heals souls and removes your pain. Meditation is healing.
In the burning meditation video we have prepared for you, we made sure you will receive the most relaxing piano background music and to pair it up with the most mesmerizing visuals of fire.
It doesn’t matter that you are looking at a virtual fireplace and listening to the music on your phone, with your headphones… What matters is that you are letting it take you over. It can be done anywhere you want, and yet it will feel like you are in a familiar, soothing place. And the sound of crackling fire will always take you over.

Background Music Version

As we have previously mentioned, this version features some great relaxing background music, and I have personally made sure that the music is in sync with the flame burning over the logs.
This creates a flow in the body, a flow of energy, that can heal you and clean you. You may think that this isn’t possible, but you will soon discover the true worth of fire meditation.
It burns all of the bad things and lets you get stronger because of it.
The background music version we recommend to those who usually have trouble with concentrating, perhaps have a condition such as ADHD (don’t think that people can’t meditate if they have a such or similar condition), people who are new to this or don’t feel like they know what they are doing. Also, those who live in a loud area are prone to put their headphones on and therefore if you are a lover of music, this will undoubtedly be the best option.
If you aren’t into this version and you feel like you would prefer the whole experience to be more natural, don’t worry, we have something for you too.
We have an option featuring nature sounds only so you can fully commit to nature and yourself. Some people have such a hard time concentrating that even background music seems to be too much. So, please try also the Nature Sounds version.

The chosen type of relaxing video surely is the best thing to introduce to your meditation in that case. We came from nature, the best thing we can do is to get back to it.
If you are someone who tends to feel different each day, it’s okay; you can use both versions. What I recommend for you is to use the background music version when you are feeling sad and the nature version when you are happy.
You may ask yourself, why?


Meditation is a great way to balance out your emotions, and therefore we either need to let the sadness flow out, which is done more natural with a rhythm, a flow, or we need to let our happiness grow… And is there a better way to make it grow than to let it go back to the place where everything grows: nature?
Fire is one of the most vivid elements of nature because it has warmth, it has color and strength. Therefore, flames in the video awaken the energy in us, but so familiar and positive that it becomes fuel for life.

One of my favorite quotes is by the famous Dalai Lama, and it says that our religion should be kindness and our minds should be our own temples. When was the last time you had put on some beautiful background music and cleaned up the mess in your mind: the confusion in your temple?

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