Beautiful Piano Music, Ocean Heart in Meditation Cave


Just as we mentioned before, the music is very often the fundamental part of successful meditation.

Beautiful Piano Music

The beautiful piano music is just a wonderful introduction to meditation level we’ll achieve this time. You just need to believe and accept it.

Moreover, you might have noticed, this time here is a few additional aids to achieve real nirvana relaxation in the cave near the sea, at least according to our beliefs:

What is Ankh, our Meditation Symbol

Starting from this video (from now to the end of the World), we’ve set up a new video logo, that is the Ankh, in this video on the left upper corner. But, our Ankh is the new and the old our meditation symbol, ’cause it has been the symbol on our website and now will be in the video as well, for more reasons.

What is Ankh? The Ankh is the old Egyptian symbol of life, also referred to as the Key of Life. Many reliefs in ancient Egyptian temples show scenes where the king is offered the ankh by the gods, and that’s just a part of the story. So, the Key of Life is very convenient as our symbol and logo in our movies. By the opinion of many meditate experts, just the presence of the Ankh symbol can contribute to absolute positive energy and this is certainly not to be neglected. That’s why the Ankh, the key of life, will continue to follow us constantly here on our websites, but also in the videos on our Youtube channel embedded here.

Ocean Heart

This movie is suitable as meditation or soothing video, from easy listening with nice background music, so you are invited to meditate on beautiful piano accompaniment, and with the ocean heart view; which is, indeed, the hole in our meditation cave. So, what is the “ocean heart“ in this case? As you see, while you are lying in the meditation cave near the sea, you are looking at the ocean and ocean waves – right through the heart, the ocean heart, which is a wonderful play of nature.
You are very welcome to expect through this “ocean heart” whatever you imagine or wish deeply. There is a no limit, so it could be a long-lost love, “just” a small happiness or even more, ’cause only the sky and your own mind is the limit.



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