Pure Clean Positive Energy Vibration Music (Meditation Stone on a Desert Island)


Pure Clean Positive Energy

That was the good opinion to choose the pure clean positive energy vibration music video clip, and get here on our channel “Meditation Music“. 🙂

Meditation Stone on a Desert Island

This is the real video clip of the meditation stone near the sea on a beautiful desert island, with easy and healing music in the background, as always to relax the mind, body and soul. Please note that in this video is a matter of meditation stone (singular and a big stone), but we will certainly record a video about the meditation stones (multiple stones and often very popular term in meditation circles). 🙂 Both are very good for meditation, we’re also looking forward to that challenge. 🙂

Thank you for your thoughts about the desert island and meditation stone, here below or on the Youtube. 🙂

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