Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Inner Peace


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Welcome to the guided meditation for relaxation and inner peace when helping each other, but also our planet.
This is a message for all people on this planet. About love for the universe, about love for this planet, that is our inner peace. Do you feel the love? I do. 🙂
All of you helper and angels protecting our planet, people coming happy and feeling good living together in harmony and relaxation, accepting and tolerating each other and all of this would have been impossible without all of you.
All the things coming through with this planet are coming from you. The universe itself is just waiting for us on Earth when needed, so this is all an experiment of our own. 🙂
But we need you to care about it. It’s a simple thing and no effort here goes for nothing, and so if you’re going to give time and love to this planet, this is the only way to go. We need you to see it as an invitation for all that is possible, no matter what you do to help it stay alive.
You’re here to give us the strength to take back what belongs to us. You know that we are stronger then we’ve ever been before, but this is what I’m asking right now.

Because we’re all on this Earth. There are so many other people on our planet — all over the world but especially in outer space like we are. So there is something to remember when we’re thinking about making the best decisions in our lives. 🙂

This planet is coming to its own, but all I ask for here is for you to come and be here. Just do the meditation and helping the planet, do the right thing.

Thank you all and God bless you. 🙂



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